Power Training

Power training increases a player’s ability to apply force in the shortest amount of time. In this type of training, speed of movement is the priority and strength is a secondary priority. This is known as being velocity dependent. The player should try and maximize the amount of resistance used without sacrificing the speed of the activity or exercise.

This type of training will increase the amount of fast twitch muscle fibres the player will be able to activate and use. The player’s nervous system will also work to recruit larger amounts of fast twitch muscle fibres as the speed of contraction required by appropriate exercises prescribed is increased. This is important, for example, in working on leg strength and jumping ability.

Players need longer rest periods between sets in power training compared to strength training because power training also utilises the nervous system.

For power training to be effective, player’s need to have established a minimum strength level first. Therefore strength training needs to be initiated prior to power training.