Step Back Move (off the Dribble)

The “step back” move is used by a player with the ball to create space for their shot. It is generally performed by a player that is dribbling “side-on” to the basket and then steps away from the basket to create the space.

The dribbler pushes off the foot that is closest to the basket (shown in black) and then jumps back, turning their body to face the basket. As they land on their back foot, they jump to shoot. It is important that the player does not lean their head back as they jump backwards as this will affect their balance.

They should keep their head between their feet so that their balance is not affected. When they shoot, the player should be jumping straight up into the air not backwards. If they shoot while they are moving backwards then it is likely that the shot will be short of the basket.

Players may also use a step back move to put the defender at a disadvantage. As they land on their back foot they keep the dribble alive, but lift their shoulders and head, as if they are stopping. If the defender lunges at them, they can then dribble past, pushing off strongly from their back foot.