Problem Observed

Potential Causes

Suggested Change

Shooting Short – hitting the front of the ring.

  1. Insufficient “power” in the shot.
  2. Fading backwards, which may be caused by:
    1. Head going back, watching the ball in flight
    2. Jumping backwards – often landing on one foot, whilst the other foot kicks forward.

To engage LEG power:

  1. Make sure stance is not too wide
  2. Shoot inside keyway, start with the ball at chin, hand underneath – have them push up with their legs, finishing on their toes.

To Stop the Fade Away:

  1. Keep vision on target – teach players to have a target.
  2. If they are looking down as they catch the ball or pick it up off the dribble, the movement of their head to then see the basket can be enough to have them jump backwards. Have them able to see the basket as they catch the ball.


  1. If they are fading back and landing on one foot, have them shoot behind a line or towel. At the end of the shot they should land both feet at least on, or in front, of the line/towel. Both feet should land at the same time;