Warm up for Games

A warm-up for games should not vary significantly from the warm-up used in training apart from the duration. The athletes must still ensure that core temperature is elevated and range of motion is established. A gradual progression from low intensity to high intensity activities should be followed. It is important that all players engage in activities that simulate game like movement and intensities prior to the commencement of the game. This ensures that players who may not start the game are adequately prepared to compete when entering the game.

  • 3-4mins general aerobic warm-up:
    • jogging, skipping, side steps, low high knees etc.
  • 2-3min mobility work
    • Walking lunges, crawls, hamstring walks, side lunges, cat stretches etc.
  • 1min static stretching any particularly tight areas (hip flexor/hamstring)
  • Run throughs to half way building up intensity 50%, 75%, 85%, 95%, 100% walk back.
  • Step accelerations walk back x 2
    • Walk, accelerate 3 steps, cruise through to halfway x 2
  • Defensive slide (lateral defensive movement) from baseline to free throw line and back x 2/dir
  • Jump to backboard, slide and jump to backboard again x 2/dir
  • Jump + bump in the air with partner 5 each.
  • Partner mirror 2*10 each as lead.
    • In pairs, one partner moves (e.g. run to the side, jump) and their partner must mirror the moves.