Changes are influenced by a number of things:

  • Athleticism and skill level of players – as offensive skills change, so too do the defensive tactics employed to counter them;
  • Team tactics – e.g. the “pack line defence” was developed to stop dribble penetration.

Coaches should resist the temptation to constantly change what they do with their teams based upon trends that they see. Junior players need to have a foundation of basic offensive and defensive skills, which can then be applied to any particular pattern or team concept.

1 Observe games. It is possible to watch games from various leagues and championships both through FIBA’s YouTube channel and also FIBA’s partner
2 Review trends evident at the Olympics and World Championships. In addition to watching games, FIBA has a statistical analysis prepared from each tournament and also “scouting” reports on each of the teams. This information can be accessed through FIBA’s website.
3 Attend coaching clinics. FIBA’s World Association of Basketball Coaches regularly conducts clinics in each of the FIBA zones and these are also available to watch online. The WABC website also has information on upcoming clinics.
4 Observe other coaches coaching. Many coaches are happy to allow coaches to observe their practice sessions – you just have to ask! When watching another practice session, remember that the teaching points that the coach uses are the most important thing to focus on. Rather than spend time trying to diagram a particular activity, watch the activity and then note the teaching points.
5 Go online. There are many sites that contain a wealth of coaching information. Some sites offer paid services, however there is also a considerable number of sites offering free information.
6 Books/DVDs. There are many books and DVDs available, featuring many Olympic and World Championship winning coaches.
7 Coaching Association. There are many coaching associations, some of which are conducted by national federations, whilst others are independent bodies. Associations may also conduct coaching courses or have information regarding general issues in coaching.
The rule allowing dribbling was included in response to the tactic employed by players of dropping the ball, moving their position and then picking up or catching the ball.